Mary King & Associates Limited (MKA-Market Knowledge & Analytics) announces our August, 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

The prizewinner is randomly selected from among survey participants after the completion of each survey.

Here is prizewinner, Mr. Richard John accepting his congratulatory note from Admin Assistant, Ms. Gabrielle Mohammed and his CASH PRIZE from our Founder & Chairman, Mrs. Mary K. King.




We conduct socio, political and business research for a wide range of clients. Our goal is to combine the quality and rigour of the best academic research with the creativity, cost effectiveness and service which makes us the best commercial survey firm in the region.

We have been an affiliate (since 1998) of Harris Interactive, New York, the global research network group with affiliates across the world. We have worked in over 86 countries. We work with Caribbean colleagues and experts in all islands and in all sectors of the economy using the latest ICT technologies.

Our clients include the Private Sector, Governments and Community/Faith Based Organizations.





  • Customer Satisfaction: Evaluates how effectively a company satisfies its customers in terms of product and service quality. This is usually achieved through Perception and Expectation Surveys where customers rate and/or rank a company's products/services based on various attributes.

  • Price Indicator Studies

  • Corporate Image Studies

  • Media Choice: Surveying and analyzing readers' and listeners' preferences for articles, programs and personalities associated with the media.

  • Advertising Effectiveness: Research on the impact of advertising, promotion programs and other marketing techniques used by businesses to generate market share.

  • Brand Tracking: Measures the familiarity and favourability towards a particular brand in the market to track customer changes in perception over time.

  • Market Position: Conducting market demand and supply surveys for commodities, manufactured products, raw materials and services including Healthcare, Automobiles, Banking and Telecoms in which we specialize.

  • Market Segmentation: Usually undertaken for a new product/service where the market is or needs to be segmented in terms of needs or attitudes, thus enabling specific targeting of consumers. The segmentation is based on psycho graphic data more so than on demographic data.

  • Ad Hoc Studies: One-off campaigns or unusual market conditions sometimes merit individual ad hoc studies to examine advertising issues. We can undertake this research at short notice, namely:
    • Needs analysis
    • Ad Tracking: Full evaluation of the way ads work
    • Polling: Pre and post studies, consisting of waves of interviewing of matched samples of respondents at points in and around a campaign
    • Brand image/brand equity studies: To establish the effect of the advertising on perceptions of the value of brand


  • Focus Group Research: Focus Groups provide a flexible forum in which to explore customers' knowledge level, perceptions and problems, and required solutions. These sessions are often very dynamic, allowing the participants to react to each other and interact with the moderator.

  • MKA offers the Client a video and audio taping opportunity. Full reports are provided for each session. Closed Circuit TV can be arranged where client views the session.

  • In-depth Interviews: Conducting detailed discussions with targeted respondents on all aspects of a specific topic or service.

  • Mystery Shopper: Mystery Shopping projects are customized to meet the special needs of individual clients. Our assessment tools are designed to address any area of service which the Client needs to evaluate.



  1. Acquaintance with facts, truths or principles
  2. Familiarity or conversance, as by study or experience:
    a knowledge of human nature.
  3. The fact or state of knowing; clear and certain mental apprehension.
  4. Awareness, as of a fact or circumstance.
  5. Something that is or may be known; information.
  6. The body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time.
  7. The sum of what is known:
    Knowledge of the situation is limited.



The purpose of analytics is to take existing data collected from either a single source or multiple sources and use it to arrive at the optimal decision. Essentially, analytics can be best defined as a science of analysis. This is most commonly used in situations where realistic judgements are necessary. Past experiences collected and rule of thumb concepts can be added to the data to create a qualitative aspect of decision making. However, with adequate data sources culled from various factors of real information, the determination cannot be said to be made with the concept of analytics.

Commonly, one of the most frequent uses of analytics is in the field of business. Managers or researchers for an analytics company can use various data mining techniques combined with historical patterns to make predictions about the performance of a particular market or business. This is usually done in an effort to improve an already existing model of operations. Mathematics are highly important, with determinations being made through graphs or sheer numbers.



Our company is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS). MRS is the world authority on research methodologies and techniques for professionals and academics. It is the leading and largest association of opinion and marketing research professionals worldwide.

Toyota- Service Description (1) Surveys of the national population to ascertain attitudes and rationale for making particular purchases of vehicles. (2) Customer satisfaction among Toyota owners of the local Toyota agency - pre-purchase, delivery, post-purchase, service and maintenance. (3) Focus groups to understand customer needs in financing of vehicles.

Industrial Gas Limited- Bi-annual surveys among local and international clients to ascertain satisfaction with the company's products

Custom Research Centre, Puerto Rico - National Study on the awareness, use and benefits of using credit and debit cards. We also explored where people get their information and how they make decisions on such cards.

Mercaplan Latin America- Studies over the years include national surveys such as Best Brand vehicles, Worldwide leading Tyre Brands, certain product pricing structures, soft drinks, water and sports drinks pricing and packaging preferences.

SM Jaleel - Regional Surveys, soft drinks, favorite brands and flavours, preferred packaging, decision making process, taste, price, value for money, normal source of purchase, brand issue recall and market share.

Arthur Lok Jack: The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is a study of individual attitudes and activities related to entrepreneurship conducted nationally. The results focus on an individual level with a consistent set of standards that allows cross national comparisons and measures peoples' attitudes and perceptions to entrepreneurship, innovation and business perceptions.

CITI- Confidential Customer Satisfaction Surveys - In depth interviews among senior managers of the Bank's clients: detailed analysis of all services offered within the organization.

Marketing Advice, Ecuador- Store audits of a World leading Drink Brand using hand-held computers; monitored on a weekly basis the conditions under which drinks were stored, advertised and sold. Continuous audit for 3 years.

Tourism Development Corporation - Domestic Travel and Tourism Survey. National survey to explore attitudes and practices as they relate to public holidays and weekends, perception of the local product quality, preferences, rural vs urban, eco tourism, religious, cultural and historical sites. A gap analysis concluded the survey

D3 Systems A Brand Military Magazine: In depth interviews with senior defense force officers regarding the quality and content of articles therein. Also whether the magazine provided sufficient information on the technology used in combatting the drug trade and narco-terrorism.

TSTT- Over the years, several studies were conducted including (1) Demand Validation for telephone systems and a Gap Analysis, (2) Internet Customer Satisfaction of services with a futuristic look at needs up to 2020, (3) Mobile Segmentation Study (4) Focus Groups across the nation- Pre-competition: Proposed new pricing structures for mobile packages.

TT Post- Transit Time Surveys conducted over a 3 year period twice a year: Analysis of time taken from mailing items to receipt at final destination. This analysis included bulk mailing, individual test pieces and street-box posting to homes, offices and post office boxes. Comparative analyses using trend lines to demonstrate performance results over the 3-year period.

Dichter & Neira: Several studies over the years include (1) In-depth interviews with purchasing managers of main clients of a World leading Tyre Brand (2) Mystery Shopping: Particular brand of Tyre availability and pricing structures (3) Focus Groups: Public's perception of the feasibility of an international news programme application for Mobile Phones (4) Mystery Shopping: Monitoring and Evaluation of leading brand agencies, recording the interview and photographs of product displays.

Smart Index: Continuous monthly audits over a 3-year period of retail outlets of a World leading Drink Brand using palm held computers. The audits included recording of photo displays, inventory checks, the sales environment and comparisons made with competitors

Tobago House of Assembly - Market Analysis and Feasibility Study for a local plant to manufacture cassava flour and chips for local consumption and export.

Ministry Of Tourism- Customer Satisfaction Survey across the nation of all hotels, guest houses and B&B outlets. Satisfaction indices were developed for all areas such as overall accommodation, facilities and amenities, property layout, staff competence and services offered. The survey included registered and non-registered entities.

Systematic Marketing and Research Services Inc, Barbados
Media Survey to ascertain where people get their information and entertainment, preferences for radio, television, internet and newspapers. Analysis was done by day-part, type of information sought and quality of content. The report included most popular media by types indicated above.

Research International, Argentina - Research into Money Transfer transactions among a stratified sample of the population for a period of one year.-

Family Life Commission: Survey among young children aged 10-12. Analysis of social conditions, general behaviour, usage of drugs and alcohol, living conditions and included parent /guardian analysis.

TNS DATA: Smokers' Survey among the population aged 15 and above. Main Brands preferred, packaging, important attributes by brand, alternative to best brand , rationale for purchasing alternate brand, regularity of purchase, advertising recall and perception of proposed new brand.

Global Strategy Group: Multiple focus groups across the nation were held to assess the population's perception of the state of the nation, both politically and economically. Particular focus was given to the effectiveness of the current political parties, the need for a third party and what qualities and programmes such a third party should have.

Courtyard by Marriott: Mystery Shopping Research -Service to customers was evaluated as follows: Reservation, front office, bar lounge, room service, service delivery, facilities available, restaurant, ambience, quality of service, etc.

Saatchi & Saatchi: Over the years several client research projects were completed, mainly in the political field.



We have utilized a vast array of various technologies to aid our services. In some cases these are developed in conjunction with our technology partner Ixanos Ltd.